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StreConFlex. Stream Content Flexible
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StreConFlex. Stream Content Flexible – Germany`s first mobile live streaming one-stop shop solution

We offer the perfect platform for live streams, online events, hybrid events.
Ultra-low latency. Real-time interaction. Cloud-based scalability. Secure.

Why StreConFlex.?

How will it look?
Just the way you want it. StreConFlex. and all integrated services can be individually branded. We offer you a front-end look that, within the framework of our tool, best matches your CI. It is your live stream and therefore you and your brand deserve the credit.

Is StreConFlex. new?
Yes and no. In April 2020, we introduced our streaming platform to the MICE industry. But the basic platform has already been used for corporate events and NGO events since 2017. Live broadcasting on television has been around for almost 100 years, on the internet for almost 30 years. Calling it hybrid, virtual or digital doesn’t change its purpose – it’s just marketing.

Do you have any experience?
We are a highly experienced team when it comes to camera work, media production and television. Degrees in theatre, film and television studies, as well as in film production, broadcasting and computer science support our qualifications. We have been producing films for television, cinema, online and events for over 15 years. We have also been theatre, film and show directors for over 15 years. Our dedicated full-stack developer IT team let’s you benefit from their international experience.

Who is behind the venture?
Two internationally experienced, successful and healthy companies that guarantee you the highest quality standards.

And apart from the technology?
Beyond our unique live streaming tool, we also offer the full and comprehensive service you need to create a great online and offline experience: thoughtful, effective project planning; any form of media production, including graphics, films, 3D animation, office templates, etc.; content consulting to help you stream what matters; format development and dramaturgy; interaction between online and offline; TV and streaming experienced presenters; an API ticket connection with TicketToaster; attendee management, including landing pages, secure registration and e-mail processes, on-site organisation, set construction and a full suite of technical equipment.

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