Proske presented prospects and opportunities of hybrid events


With the kick-off event „Hybrid Showcase. Lead the New Normal“ held in a studio in Munich, the Proske agency presented its goals and visions for the efficient and contemporary use of hybrid events. Moderator Mounia Berrada-Gouzi welcomed 27 guests at the location. Around 450 participants tuned in digitally from all over the world.

In brief keynote speeches, national and international speakers focused on the possibilities offered by the format before a panel discussion with representatives of well-known institutions rounded off the successful presentation. „We are overwhelmed by the positive response and the pure enthusiasm of our guests and partners and registered the first concrete customer inquiries for hybrid events on the following day. After 35 years in the event business, we once again seem to have hit the zeitgeist with our approach to hybrid events,“ explained Markus Struppler, CEO of Proske GmbH.

The focus of the event was the scope of this combination of a live event with virtual components and extensions, which combines the best of both worlds: The reach, measurability and flexibility of the online world with the emotion and interaction of „real“ events. Proske’s approach is based on multiple hub set-ups, hybrid content formats, virtual expert panels or even on-demand content. At the same time, the agency provided answers to content planning and hybrid participation, did not exclude the current hot topic of gamification, and presented conceptual ideas and proposals for the organization of hub management, live streaming, the hybrid communication platform, as well as a hybrid welcome counter.

„As we learned from the Future Meeting Space research project,“ said Matthias Schultze, Managing Director GCB German Convention Bureau, during his presentation, „70 percent of the experts surveyed believe that in the future it is very likely that most events will be held physically again. At the same time, however, they assume that the proportion of virtual elements and digital tools used at events will increase. Based on these findings, insiders predict significant growth in hybrid events. Therefore, the knowledge and individual skills involved in the use of data and digital tools will and must become more important for event organizers and planners. With the Hybrid Showcase, Proske has created a platform where people have been able to learn about, experience and discuss this new normal. Thank you for the invitation!“, said Matthias Schultze after the event.

This hybrid event also was „Made by Proske“. The company used the features of the event platform magnid, a further development of its Virtual Venue application. The AI-supported and cloud-based enterprise-class event platform already offers many key features essential for successful hybrid events, such as matchmaking, hybrid speed dating and live chats, as well as tracking and visitor analysis.

„By offering hybrid events, we want to close the logical gap between live and digital events and, to do so, combine and link the assets of both worlds in such a way that a promising new format emerges,“ says Markus Struppler. „We were able to clearly demonstrate what this means and how we intend to make it happen with our kick-off event ‚Hybrid Showcase. Lead the New Normal‘. Now we’re looking forward to the challenges ahead.“

Learn more about the „Hybrid Showcase. Lead the New Normal“ in the video: