magnid for virtual and hybrid events as SaaS model


With the launch of magnid, a new gold standard has been set for virtual meetings and events in real time for companies and agencies. The „next generation“ of Proske’s Virtual Venue Platform – a platform used hundreds of times (by Ikea, DSM and the SAS Institute, among others) and successful worldwide – magnid was awarded the VDR Innovation Award in 2020. In order to provide this enormously powerful platform with even more opportunities for ongoing development, it was spun off into a separate company. Magnid GmbH, headed by Christian Holtz and Markus Struppler, is based in Munich. The new technology company is responsible for the technical development and worldwide distribution of the magnid platform as a SaaS solution.

The AI-powered and cloud-based enterprise-class event platform impresses with scalable 360° virtual worlds that can be created with user-friendly self-service technology. It also offers comprehensive analytics options that enable venue assessment and measurement, as well as tracking and refinement of results generated. This makes the platform suitable for all virtual event formats – whether a meeting, conference, presentation or convention. Generated data can be integrated and used company-wide via the available interfaces to established IT ecosystems.

Like a CMS, magnid can not only be used without special knowledge, but the integrated Venue Designer also provides various attractive templates for venues as well as powerful content widgets for interactions, engagement and infotainment. This creates virtual venues that fit the exact requirements of the users and optimally convey the brand message. With practical features such as event timing, content access rights, flexible language options, and the ability to customize each venue for individual users or groups, magnid simplifies the creation and execution of virtual events.

The USP of the magnid platform is the realization of individual customer journeys – supported by AI and Big Data. Personalization, relevance and networking of the applications are some of the platform’s key strengths. This creates a unique look-and-feel for virtual experiences, as user and content are brought together according to the customer’s needs. With these options, magnid – programmed entirely in Germany – is ideal for companies planning virtual and hybrid events, as well as for their service partners who need a platform to create events or who want to provide event services (including BCD, Altour and Radius Travel).

The special features of this platform continue to include a robust cloud offering for an unlimited number of events that adheres to international data protection regulations. This enables the use of a wide range of external tools to integrate custom webinars, gamification applications, meeting platforms and more into the existing enterprise landscape.

Magnid’s solution includes modular pricing with monthly payments combined with high flexibility in usage time. The prices are adapted to the needs and scope of the customer projects. They can be included in calculations as reliable values without additional costs and fees. Alternatively, there is a license model with an unlimited number of events and visitors similar to a flat rate. The basic fee itself includes access to a back-end test environment. Users can also benefit from the partner options, which offers access to support whenever needed – and not just for technical questions.

Christian Holtz (Photo: Magnid)

For the introduction of the new company name and the newly launched version, Magnid is currently offering a free 6-week trial of the backend, so that interested companies and agencies can familiarize themselves with the system and its possibilities.  Magnid has also published a video to help new users learn about the features of the application. Christian Holtz, joint managing director of the company with Markus Struppler commented, “We want to offer all interested parties the opportunity to get acquainted with the system in detail and to test it for its real-life applicability. In addition, we offer online seminars to help customers get started. Our goal is the continuous evolution of the platform as well as the support of all users and partners in using magnid.”

Magnid GmbH

Magnid was founded in 2020 as a specialized provider of the virtual venue platform magnid. The company is managed by Christian Holtz and Markus Struppler. The headquarters are in Munich, with additional offices in Rosenheim and New York. The virtual venue platform magnid is suitable for all virtual event formats – regardless of whether it is a meeting, a conference, a presentation or a convention. The selected virtual environment can be customized by the user, integrating all content and functionalities. magnid is cloud-based and AI-supported. For the integration into the company’s own networks and a smooth data exchange, magnid is equipped with appropriate interfaces. magnid is available as SaaS.

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