Premier Entertainment Group to hit the ground running with Elation Fuze SFX


“Our goal is to prep our inventory and staff so as soon as things are ready to start up again, we can hit the ground running,” states Premier Entertainment Group president and owner Dave Guiler about a recent acquisition of Elation Fuze SFX LED moving head luminaires. “That was the goal behind the purchase, to get things together easily and quickly so when this is over we don’t have to worry about any missing pieces.”
Located in Dothan, Alabama, in the southeast corner of the state, Premier Entertainment Group recently acquired 20 Fuze SFX Spot FX fixtures along with other gear. In order to be well prepared once the Covid restrictions have passed, Guiler has put together lighting packages designed to quickly fill a touring rider, truck friendly gear that will also work well on one-off shows.
A combination of spot and effects fixture, the Fuze SFX is a compact multi-purpose LED luminaire with CMY color-mixing, 18 gobos and a 4.5° to 38° zoom. “Every bit of the feature set was exactly what we needed,” says Guiler. “We wanted a CMY fixture with a super wide beam angle that could also zoom narrow to get a nice beam when we need it and I love the aerial effects of the gobos. The SFX nailed it on the head.”