GLP announces extension of product warranty


German based automated lighting manufacturer GLP (German Light Products) will customers support during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Now it announced an automatic 12-month product warranty extension for any GLP product whose original warranty was due to expire between April 1, 2020 and March 31, 2021. The company has been using the hashtag #keepthelighton (and #KTLO) since the beginning of the pandemic, and is living up to this motto by taking this important decision.
“GLP recognises and understands that the vast majority of our products have been sitting idle for many months, and will continue to do so in anticipation of their next call to duty,” declared Udo Künzler, managing director of GLP GmbH. “Therefore, we wanted to make a full show of support to our loyal customers, whose livelihoods depend on those fixtures being used.”
The year-long extension is being applied to every product within the GLP portfolio. Furthermore, in order to simplify the process, this extension has already been registered through every GLP office and those of their distributors. Customers need take no action in order to ensure that the extension will be applied – it’s already been done.
“As a global manufacturer, supporting our customers and our products around the world is of paramount importance to us,” continued Udo Künzler. “Whilst the pandemic continues to wreak havoc amongst our users, we wanted to bring a level of reassurance that they are not going to lose out on warranty status through the time that products are not being actively used.”