Separate exhibition area for the Volkswagen ID. family in the Autostadt GroupWorld


„Get ready for ID.“ is the newest theme at the Autostadt in Wolfsburg. For the first time, a separate exhibition area at Volkswagen Group headquarters is dedicated to the company’s new e-mobility products.

Focusing on the ID. family, the objective is to emotionalize, inspire, inform and educate audiences. The first phase of the exhibition, open until 19 January 2020, highlights the ID.3 – the first Volkswagen designed from the ground up as an electric vehicle. Autostadt guests are invited to get a close-up look at the ID.3, test the ID.Kickstart and other interesting exhibits, and discover how easy it is to plug in the ID.Charger.
Autostadt CEO Roland Clement: „The new exhibition is our way of strengthening the Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand presence here at company headquarters in Wolfsburg. Volkswagen is an important element in the expansion of the Autostadt into a ‚Smart Mobility Campus‘ – and the ID.3 points the way to the future of mobility. In cooperation with our group brands, we are transforming the Autostadt into a unique place where visitors can experience different mobility concepts.“
In an area covering 800 square metres in the Autostadt GroupWorld, the exhibition presents three key themes: Emotion!, Electric! and Easy! Emotion! is the name of the game with the ID.Kickstart designed to demonstrate the acceleration of an electric vehicle. Drivers take a seat in an original ID.3 cockpit and when the traffic light turns green, the acceleration of an ID.3 is simulated with a blast of compressed air. This moment is captured in a photo – a cool keepsake that shows the pure excitement of an ID. Another highlight is the ID.View exhibit illustrating the futuristic technology of the augmented reality (AR) head-up display in the ID.3. E-mobility is simply explained in the ID.Insight exhibit that shows visitors an X-ray view of the technology and functions in the modular electric drive platform (MEB).
In the Electric! segment, a large-format LED screen focuses on the Zero Carbon Footprint. The ID.3 is the first model in the ID. series to achieve a carbon-neutral balance. Autostadt visitors can try out the EV Check app to find out how e-mobility fits into their lives. The app uses augmented reality (AR) to visualize how an ID.3 can be personally configured in the future.
Easy!, the third part of the exhibition, focuses on recharging the vehicle, the electric charging infrastructure and related Volkswagen services. The exhibits show how easy it is to integrate Volkswagen e-mobility into everyday life.
As a communications platform for the Volkswagen Group and its brands, the Autostadt in Wolfsburg focuses on the Volkswagen corporate values and all aspects of mobility in line with the theme: „People, cars and what moves them.“ The theme park and educational centre have attracted more than 40 million visitors since the official opening in 2000, making the Autostadt one of the most popular tourist destinations in Germany.

Exhibition area in the Autostadt GroupWorld (photo: Anja Weber)