Save the date for BOCOM multisite conference on 23 April 2020


Taking place in April 2020, “BOCOM – Experience Borderless Communication“, is a multisite conference to showcase a cross-border, effective and sustainable collaboration and communication scenario of the future where participants could experience and try new technologies in innovative, accessible and participative ways.

BOCOM overcomes borders imposed by space, language and culture, taking place simultaneously at a central conference hub in Berlin and decentralised locations around the world, including Vienna, Amsterdam and Washington. Participants can also take part via a live stream. The event’s agenda revolves around new ways of mobile and collaborative working, human-machine interaction and sustainability. The multisite conference is meant to be a prototype and test lab where participants can experience and engage with technologies such as augmented and virtual reality, remote simultaneous interpreting or conversational interfaces to jointly assess the opportunities and potential of conferences set up in a decentralised fashion. Sustainability is of key importance in this context: BOCOM will be framed by corresponding research undertaken by the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO and other partners to evaluate, amongst others, the environmental impact of a multisite conference in comparison to a “conventional” one where all participants need to travel to one central location.
More than 200 event, marketing, communication, HR, IT, business development and sales experts and professionals will meet at BOCOM’s central hub in the Design Offices Berlin, to inspire and be inspired. As the boundaries of space are removed and accessibility is guaranteed, the event enables people who would not have met otherwise to interact and jointly work on projects. Each participant of the multisite conference can create their individual customer journey, and everyone will receive a customised agenda, based on their interests and requirements and made up of different elements and experiences, such as keynotes, hands-on sessions, collaboration with others in workshops or analogue networking during coffee breaks.
BOCOM grew out of the “Future Meeting Space” (FMS) innovation network, which was founded in 2015 by the GCB German Convention Bureau and the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO with the aim of defining technical, organisational and spatial conditions for successful events of the future. The multisite conference format taking place at different locations was one of the first future meetings scenarios identified by the FMS research initiative.

Key Visual (Photo: Bocom)