Riedel launches DisTag distance monitor for maintaining social distance


Riedel Communications introduced DisTag, an all-new distance monitoring device for meetings and events. Worn around the neck or carried in a pocket, DisTag is a reliable and precise instrument that immediately alerts its wearer via haptic, visual, and acoustic signals whenever the mandatory minimum distance to other people is about to be breached. The proximity limits of the warning signals can be individually defined and adjusted in accordance with local regulations for social distance.

Jacky Voss, Corporate Business Development Manager at Riedel, added, “With its small size (93 mm by 41 mm) and low weight (61 grams), the device is compact, comfortable, and hardly even noticeable to users. DisTag can be used virtually anywhere, whether indoors or out, and its integrated battery provides power for up to 12 hours. And, as it requires no additional infrastructure, it is easy to expand the system at any time – all that is needed are more DisTags!”

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