Aventem invested in SGM G-7 Beast


As the first German production company Aventem invested in the new flagship of the Danish manufacturer SGM, the G-7 Beast. The multifunctional lamp immediately enriches the extensive product portfolio of the full-service provider for event technology.

Aventem is pleased did a special technical newcomer in the field of lighting technology. As the first service ever to Hilden on the SGM G-7 Beast, Which celebrated its world premiere a few weeks ago have. „The G-7 Beast has impressed us from the start with its versatility and its absolutely unique effects“, explains Holger Niewind, CEO of Aventem.
The concept of the G-7 Beast is currently unique: In addition to features: such as the IP 66 classification, a total output of 50000lm at 200,000 lux @ 5m and a unique parabolic reflector lamp Convinced above all by Their functional combination of Beam Light, strobe Retro lamp and Searchlight, making it so versatile in shows, like no other product on the market. „I was impressed with how many different effects can we play with just one type of lamp.“
Source: www.stagereport.de

SGM G-7 Beast (Photo: SGM)