Always “on Air” with Corporate Broadcast Network


The production company satis&fy and el-j, an agency for storytelling and event management, have joined forces and to offer companies interactive live TV formats.

The new, jointly developed Corporate Broadcast Network is designed to make it as easy as possible for companies to enter the world of corporate broadcasting (CBN) and digital event technology. At the partners present various broadcast formats – from standard to high-end.
In addition to the development of concepts that are tailored to the different communication needs of the companies, the services offered by the two companies include the creation of live and pre-recorded content, the processing of existing event content into broadcast-able TV-ready material and the delivery of the appropriate technical set-up and, if required, the right premises.
„In-house TV formats are ideal for eliminating the distance to customers, employees and stakeholders, maintaining the corporate culture and not losing touch with your target groups. Any content such as product news or sales meetings can be transmitted in real time to participants all over the world,“ says Nico Ubenauf, CEO satis&fy. John Bettini, CEO of el-j, adds: „Since non-communication is simply not an option in times of crisis, companies have to take other paths. The shift from live to digital events is a sustainable alternative with a high level of customer satisfaction. We can support companies in this.”

Visual (Photo: satis&fy)